Janusz Migacz Painter


Born in 1956 in Gdansk, Poland.
Currently lives and works in Montreal.

Polish artist Janusz Migacz lived in his native Gdansk, a key seaport in Poland, until 1986. This socially and politically exciting city touched by the war, was a land of paradoxes and possibilities for the artist.

His love for art begins at the age of 8 when his mother offered him his first oil color painting box. He then studied Fine Arts, attending a school for classical studies in Gandsk for 5 years at the studio of Kazimierz Ostrowski, a renown Polish artist who worked with Fernand Léger. Kazimierz Ostrowski encouraged him to explore his talents and develop a critical mind.

After his Fine Arts, in 1986, he established in London for two years, where he discovered the National Gallery and the Rembrandt’s clair obscur (chiaroscuro).

He was invited by a friend to visit Montreal, where he found peace and inspiration. In 1988, he began dedicating his life to art and has been producing great artworks since.

Intuitive, the artist’s approach combines figuration and abstraction. To capture a figure in movement is Janusz Migacz’s main preoccupation. Working with live models, classical ballet dancers, he captures their sensual and energic gestures. Janusz Migacz expresses human passion through the modeling of the body and the contrasts of striking shadows. His artistic approach is unique, combining traditional and contemporary styles between abstraction and realism.

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